What to look for before buying a Single Serve Brewer

Undoubtedly a single serve brewer can provide you with a rich gourmet coffee shop experience economically. So why to rush anywhere for a single serve brewer when you can get your coffee at home? You can get the single serve coffee maker reviews at Kitchenguyd with detailed information on each product.

Brewing a single cup is a quite different way of making coffee and along with this kind of coffee maker, you need to consider a few things in order to get a perfect shot of coffee.

Types of Single Serve Coffee Machines

There are several types of single-serve brewers and they are not at all same when it comes to what they can brew. Before you buy any machine make sure you buy according to what type of coffee or tea you like. Keurig, Nespresso, and Tassimo are some popular brands. There are some other brands of standard coffee makers that can make a single serve, K-cups or pods.

So if you are an espresso fan, you would definitely go for a special coffee machine that only brews this type of coffee, or maybe has the ability to make cappuccino or lattes. Different Espresso machines have different features and capability to do part of the process or you can purchase a fully automatic machine.

If espresso is not your kind of coffee, you can get a single serve that offers you a variety of creamy lattes, gourmet coffees and teas can be a good option for you.

Cost of single-serve brewers differs materially, so your first consideration before buying should be the availability of the beverage for a certain brewer, because the functions are limited or can be amplified by the supply and variety of pods, k-cups or capsules you can get for it.

Operating Costs

Having a single serve brewer means you should have a supply of either pod, K-cups that costs you $.30 to $.70 per cup approximately. You can save money by buying it in a bulk but then you would be restricted to a specific type of capsule in order to make use of a coffee maker.

Before selecting a model, find the source of supply and ensure that you like the types of coffee or teas it can brew. Get ready to pay more for a single serve as they cost you more than the regular coffee makers and also the cost of capsules can increase quickly.

Consumption can be another factor to get an idea of a budget because it depends on how many cups of coffee or tea you drink?

Capacity and Cup Selection

Some single serve brewers can brew only one size of a cup, on the other hand, some models are available with several options and this can be very handy. For travel purpose, a 10 to 12 Oz brew size is perfect, while those who are espresso lover can have a 4 to 5 Oz cup size.

Just see how many persons are going to use the brewer and whether the cup options are suitable for everyone or not. You can adjust the brew strength by selecting a different cup option. Water reservoir size may not be important for many people but for two or three adults, a larger tank is equal to less filling.

Power and Performance

Power can affect the performance and brewing temperature and speed as well. So, without overloading any electrical appliance, safely plug in the brewer. Some of you may not like the brewing noise, so you can look for a brewer with a quiet feature. A brewer with programmable clock and temperature feature can be very easy to use.

Some brewers have an internal water tank that keeps the water heated and ready to brew, so unless and until there is an on/off setting it will draw energy full time which is also helpful in energy savings.

These coffee machines take a little time to get ready to brew. You can also check the durability and how easy it is to maintain.

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